Shatta Wale Declares Himself A Kumerican As He Acquires Their Passport

As we all know Ghanaian social media is full of trolls and different things keep on trending. It hasn’t been much longer that the word ‘Papa No’ was added to the lexicon of Ghanaian social media.

Well, it seems that didn’t last for ling as the new word in town is ‘Kumerica‘ and a careful examination of the word reveals that it s a combination of two words, Kumasi and America. Ghanaians hailing from Kumasi have normally been trolled for their hilarious pronunciation of words of the English language.

However, that does not seem to perturb them from mimicking the American slang. It is this act of people from Kumasi that has incited the Kumerica trend. In fact, Kumerica has now been accepted a country on its own such that citizens have passports.

In a recent development, Shatta Wale has declared himself as a Kumerican on Snapchat after acquiring their Passport.

Shatta Wale shared a screenshot of his new Passport and in a next post wrote: ‘Full Kumerican’

Kumerican passport

Shatta Kumerican


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