Kumasi Woman Goes Mad After Encounter With Another Mad Woman (Video)

Reports  reaching OMGVoice.com indicates that a woman residing in Kumasi has gone mad after encountering her mad relative at the Bantama market.

It is reported that these madwomen were speaking a language purported to be the Ewe language.

Otec News reporter, Akwasi Acheampong aka Kanewu, who happened to be present at the scene recounted how it all went down.

Kanewu explained that the old mad woman was famous and known to the residents of the Bantama and North Suntreso neighbourhoods as she had gone haywire for sometime now.

According to Kanewu’s narrative, this new woman who happened to have lost her sanity upon seeing the madwoman was nicely dressed with a face shield.

The news reporter as well as other by-standers were left amazed and saddened by the fact that a completely sane woman would be met with such an unfortunate circumstance.

Watch the video below


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