7 Songs From Wizkid’s Debut Album We Can Never Forget

Wizkid is practically a household name as it is in Nigeria right now (OBVIOUSLY!). Everyone, old and young, knows at least one...
lionheart netflix movie

9 Things Every Netflix User Needs To Know – But Doesn’t

Netflix and chill anyone? 1. Not sure what to watch? Get all the scoop on the best TV shows and movies on...

16 Delicious Nigerian Foods The Entire World Ought To Try

When it comes to food, Nigeria is blessed! Nigerian food is not just jollof rice, there are thousands of delicacies from over...

How Many Of These Nigerian Movies From The 90s Can You Actually Remember?

The history of Nigerian movies dates back to as early as the late 19th century and into the colonial era in the early 20th...
nigerian-actors roles

18 Nollywood Actors And The Roles They Are Best Known For

In Nollywood, certain actors are known for certain roles Some actors are so good at playing certain roles, that those are the...

Ladies, Here Are 5 Texts No Man Can Resist Responding To

Nobody likes a boring chatter. However, sometimes you really don’t have any conversation starters, or maybe the chat is going dry...

Just A Bunch of Reasons Why Bald Men Are Way Better

Men with hair step aside. Bald men are simply put beautiful creations. For example The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Taye Diggs, and...

6 Things You Should Never Do When He Ghosts You

These are the things you should never do when he ghosts you. Hey there pretty lady, he ghosted you right? You're...
nigeria lagos busines

Nigeria Ranked 15th Best African Country For Business By Forbes In 2020

Forbes has ranked Nigeria 110 among 161 countries in the World and 15th in Africa for doing business, according to...
8 Nigerians Who Have Been Nominated For A Grammy Awards

8 Nigerians Who Have Been Nominated For A Grammy Awards

The Grammy awards are one of the biggest music awards ever. It is an honour awarded by The Recording Academy to...

10 Nigerian Cultural Festivals Everyone Should Experience At Least Once

Nigerian cultural festivals are the best events you’d ever attend. Everyone knows Nigerian weddings are always lit. What they don’t know is so...
Kitchen Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know To Make Life Easy

12 Kitchen Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know To Make Life Easy

Cooking is one hell of a job. While cooking, a lot of things can happen that you do not have...

10 Famous Nigerians You Didn’t Know Were Left-Handed

In Nigeria, being a southpaw or left-handed in simpler terms is considered abnormal. And lefties as they are often called, have...

11 Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing At Church

Going to church has always been a tradition that you are taught to embrace from a young age. Through every stage...
types of punishment in ghana schools omgvoice

7 Types Of Punishments We Had In School We Can Never Forget

There are punishments, and there are punishments. In African schools, punishments depended on two things: the gravity of the punishment and...

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