Check Out The Top Videos And Reactions Of The #Kumerica Trend

Kumerica is the latest word to have been added to the Ghanaian social media lexicon.

The word ‘Kumerica’ seems to be trending on Ghanaian social media and a careful examination of the word reveals that it s a combination of two words, Kumasi and America.

Ghanaians hailing from Kumasi have normally been trolled for their hilarious pronunciation of words of the English language. However, that does not seem to perturb them from mimicking the American slang.

Several young people from Kumasi have been spotted in a series of videos trying to take on the lifestyles of American celebrities and capping it off by mimicking the American slang.

It is a compilation of these hilarious instances that has brought forth the Kumerica trend.

Check out the top reactions below


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