Salma Mumin Curses Moesha & Her Unborn Generation For Making Falso Claims About Her

Famous Ghanaian slay queen and actress Moesha and her ex-friend Salma Mumin have ignited their beef again and social media is already buzzing.

According to a post by Nigerian blog Cutie_julls, Moesha Boduong badmouth Salma when the were still friends to a third party that Salma has buried a fowl in front an at the back of her restaurant in order to boost sales.

Reacting to the post Salma described it as image tarnishing and that she wouldn’t have ever reacted if her eatry wasn’t involved.

Speaking on whether she did or didn’t do what she is being accused she stated that if she has indeed done what she is being accused of the may her business never flourish and if she is being accused wrongly then may her accuser never flourish in anything they do. Obviously Moesha is the one accusing her of burying the fowl so if Salma hasn’t done it then the curses will follow Moesha Boduong.


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