Salma Mumin & Moesha Buduong Expose Their Filthy Secrets As They Fight Over New Man

Salma Mumin and Moesha Buduong appear to have rekindled their feud over a wealthy sponsor who chose one of them.

They were best friends until they abruptly split and began fighting over who had a fake butt, despite the fact that they both do

Ghanaians took much interest into their beef as they kept granting radio interviews, coming live on social media just to disgrace themselves

In a new twist, it appears that the sugar Daddy has yet to be returned to its rightful owner, as the two slay Queens have rekindled their feud.

According to the popular Gossip Instagram blog page, thosecalledcelebs, the two slay queens are still at odds.

Salma vs Moesha


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