These Photos Of Nyota Ndogo In A Bikini Will Make You Say…DAMN!

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Coast based singer Nyota Ndogo left tongues wagging after she shared on social media pictures of herself in a swimsuit.

Nyota Ndogo proudly flaunted her curvy features in a red patterned one-piece swimsuit.

The photo captures her posing with her back facing the camera, giving her fans complete view of her bum.

The picture, she said, should be one of those that should be used to celebrate her memory when she dies.

“Ngoja nawape picha mtakazo zitumia kuandika R.I.P nitakapo ondoka dunia najua zitakua nyingi mpaka Wasio post ama kusapoti mziki wangu pia wakiskia wataandika maskini alikua mwanamziki Mzuri nakumbuka nyimbo yake moja bla bla bla. Wewe ukinipost nikifa nitakutokea usiku bora ukae na unafiki wako. Woman is officially out on Youtube,” wrote Nyota Ndogo on Instagram.

Well, a section of her fans were not so amused by her boldness, especially given that she is a Muslim, a religion perceived to be very conservative.

What do you think?

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Source: NairobiNews

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