Nyota Ndogo Talks About The Challenges Of Being Married To A Mzungu

Nyota Ndogo talks about the challenges of being married to a Mzungu. 

Coast-based female singer, Nyota Ndogo is a mother of two from her previous relationship but having sired none yet, with her mzungu hubby.

The musician who performs taarab-influenced pop music is having a hard time with her hubby after years of trying to get children of their own, to zero success.

Up and Close with Radio Jambo´s Massawe Japanni, the female artiste opened up:

Being an artiste and in the limelight, trolls and critics are bound to be a part of your life and Nyota´s children once became the target.


There is a day I posted a photo of my kids and someone called them monkeys. It´s better you insult me and leave my kids alone.

Married to a Danish husband, Henning Nielsen in 2016, Nyota Ndogo and her hubby have faced their own ups and downs of married life.

The important thing is understanding each other´s weaknesses. We are still trying to adjust to each other´s culture.

However, society has had its assumptions of the singer´s married life that has had her hands and legs tied.

The challenging part is also being married to a mzungu. Many always expect me to help whenever they ask for help and if I don´t, they speak ill of me.

People think that there’s a lot more to her story than she shares but then again, it’s her story.


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