Nyota Ndogo Seeks Loliondo Craft Over Stolen Goods During Break In

Singer Nyota Ndogo is now seeking the popular craft of “Daktari wa Loliondo” after thieves recently broke into her eatery and stole some of her goods.

According to the Watu na Viatu singer, she woke up to a broken padlock with the seats dumped outside the building at her newly established Nyota Ndogo Jikoni.

Among the items that were missing were five leftover chapatis, bananas, cooking gas, cooking fat and two kilos of beans.

In her social media account of the events, the thieves had unsuccessfully tried to move the freezer.

“Leo tumeingia kazini hasubui tumekuta viti na kifuli kimevunjwa. Sasa vilivyo ibiwa ndizi, chapati zilikuwa zimebaki tano, gesi yangu, maharage kilo mbili, box la mafuta ya mgando. Friza wamejaribu kuitoa wameshindwa,” she stated.

The Mombasa-based businesswoman claimed she had just shopped for the items a day before the break in.

Condemning the dishonest act, the star said the perpetrators have ruined the lives of her employees who were relying on the business to make ends meet.

As such, she mentioned that the witch doctor (Daktari wa Loliondo) could just be the person to help her recover her goods.

“Hivi yule babu Loliondo yupo jamani tuwakute waizi mlangoni hasubui. Mtungi mzima wa lita mbili wote umeenda nimefanya shopping jana tu,” she wrote in part.

Last year, Nyota Ndogo announced the exciting news that her eatery had received contracts from banks asking to supply them with breakfast, sources indicate.

She is also a rental property owner in the Coastal region.



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