Twitter Re-Verifies Accounts With ‘More Than 1 Million Followers’

Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos took yet another (totally unpredictable) turn Sunday morning when he began to reinstate blue checks on all and every account with over 1 Million followers.

As of Sunday morning, a lot of notable celebrities, personalities, and corporations who had earlier lost their verification badge, woke up to a the blue tick surprisingly slapped on their account even after not paying the compulsory $8 and flatly refusing to do so.

One of the more noticeable names whose account has been reinstated with the blue check is CNN reporter Larry Madowo. Larry has, in the past, made his feelings clear on the verification debacle and maintained that he would never cough up the dollars.


Now, his account, alongside those of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Martha Karua, John Allan Namu and more, have been re-verified.

Reacting to the new developments, Larry Madowo tweeted, “I woke up to a blue checkmark again.” I haven’t paid for Twitter Blue.” 

“Reports say Elon Musk has given it back to “legacy verified” accounts with over 1 million followers. What’s going on?” 

On his part, John Allan-Namu said, “I didn’t pay for the check but got it back. But the claim is that I subscribed.”

Azimio La Umoja’s Martha Karua also reacted to her reverification whole reacting to a tweet from a Jesee McLaren who wrote, “I could be wrong, but from what I can tell all previously verified accounts with over 1,000,000 followers got the check back.”

Martha quote tweeted, saying, “It is so.”

Notable accounts with less than 1 million followers, however, remained unverified.

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