Jacky Vike Awinja Weds Longtime Boyfriend Osoro In A Traditional Ceremony

Kenyan actress and comedian Jacky Vike popularly known as  Awinja is off the market.

The actress held a traditional wedding ceremony with her longtime boyfriend and colleague Osoro in her village.

The two shared a video dancing happily as family and friends cheered them on. They wore matching outfits and sang traditional songs.

Awinja weds Osoro
Awinja weds Osoro

Fans on social media are however questioning whether the two comedians had a real ceremony or it was a shoot for  one of their skits.

“Mbona inakaa kiki,mko sure mmeamua kutoka soko hivi😂😂😂.”

“We want more of these funny clips 🙌🙌.”

“Hii Yao hata huwezi jua kama ni ukweli ama ni uongo juu they’re both jokers😂😂😂😂.”

“Is this not comedy 😂😂 how can someone believe this 😂😂.”

For a while, Awinja and her onscreen boyfriend Osoro have been shooting a skit called Awinja’s Perfect Wedding.

Osoro is well known for hosting the Trend show on NTV alongside Amina Abdi Rabar. He is liked by his audience for performing his comedy in his native Kisii accent.

The two have been working together for some time now. They often perform skits together that they post on their social media pages. So far they have accrued a large audience.

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