There’s A ‘Secret Button’ Hidden In Back Of iPhone That Can Be Used For Anything

There’s a “secret button” hidden in the back of an iPhone which can be used for just about anything.

A TikToker has recently revealed the hack in a viral video on the platform, sending social media fans into a frenzy.

The function, named “Back Tap”, has been a part of the Apple handset for years as an accessibility feature.

Now, the feature has since been resurfaced due to @ellyawesometech’s TikTok videos, which have racked up over 1 million views.

The tech mogul told her fans:

“You’re using your iPhone wrong if you’re not using the Back Tap feature.”

“Yes, there’s a secret button on the back of your iPhone.”

“I use Back Tap so I can Shazam a song in two seconds,” she revealed.

“Look at that! Listening, we’re ready to go.”

Intrigued? Here’s how to enable Back Tap on an iPhone and make the most out of this feature.

How to enable Back Tap on an iPhone:

First of all, if you want to enable Back Tap, you need an iPhone with iOs 14 software, which was released in September 2020 (sorry, Android users!).

Now that you’ve got the right spec, you can enable the feature by opening Settings. Then, click “Accessibility”, followed by “Touch”.

If you scroll down, you should see the “Back Tap” option.

Now, take your pick from the Double or Triple Tap options, and choose from the list of various functions which you can enable with a tap, literally!

Want to enable the Shazam feature with a double tap? You bet you can! Or maybe you want to quickly screenshot with a triple tap, which is also possible.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that your one Back Tap button can control both double and triple settings independently. Cool, right?

Once you’ve selected your chosen functions, tapping the back of your phone two or three times should enable your chosen actions.


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