Apple Rejects Kenya’s Request To Unlock iPhones for Investigation Purposes

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Apple reportedly rejected a request from Kenya to unlock two iPhones that were part of police investigations in the second half of 2020.

Reports indicate that fillings from the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 23 show that Apple received an appeal from Kenya seeking access to communication details in two iPhones that remained locked.

“Examples of such requests are where law enforcement agencies are working on behalf of customers who have requested assistance regarding lost or stolen devices,” said the SEC in a report that lists countries that sought access to blocked iPhones.

The SEC did not disclose what kind of information Kenya sought to access on the iPhones, or their owners.

Apple rejected the requests, standing firm on on its policy to uphold the rights for free speech. Apple has in the past rejected similar appeals by governments including the US.

“Additionally, Apple regularly receives multi-device requests related to fraud investigations. Device-based requests generally seek details of customers associated with devices or device connections to Apple services.” The SEC said further.

Most of the requests to Apple seek access to the phone’s data such as contacts, call logs and photos which are normally used in the investigation and prosecution of crime.

Source: Business Daily

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