Lagos Explosion: 3 Year Old Girl Rescued Unhurt From Rubbles

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The alleged gas explosion that happened on sunday afternoon left a huge loss in it’s wake. Many have been confirmed dead, some injured and many are still buried under the rubble.

Emergency officials have rescued a three-year-old girl, named Favour, from the rubble at the Abule-Ado explosion site in Lagos.

Chairman, Nigeria Red Cross Society (NRCS) Lagos branch, Adebola Kolawole while explaining on Monday how Favour was rescued said she was found amidst the rubbles during rescue operations on Sunday night.

She added that Favour’s mother sustained a head injury from the incident and her brother too was injured. Kolawole explained further that favour’s mother in her semi-coma state gestured to rescue officials that Favour was her daughter.

3yr old girl rescued in ado

She added that Favour’s mother on Monday morning regained her consciousness and woke up asking for her daughter. “Favour will soon be reunited with her family,” Kolawole added.

Favour is indeed favoured! Thank God for her life!


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