Heartwarming Moment As Private Joseph Hammond Receives Complementary Letter From Prince Harry

World War II veteran, Private Joseph Hammond, has been thrown into the world of ecstasy after receiving a complimentary letter from Prince Harry of the British Royal family.

The letter came after Private Joseph Hammond, 95, set a charity walk mission for himself to raise funds for frontline workers in the coronavirus fight and has so far raised £35,054, an equivalent of GH¢254,166.

The war hero was inspired by Captain Tom Moore, who raised more than £30million for the UK Health Service amidst the pandemic.

Prince Harry, who met Private Hammond at a ceremony last year, has praised the veteran’s mission in a letter he personally wrote to him.

Reacting to the letter in a video clip, the war hero reads an extract and says

“Wow, it is marvellous.”

He gives a thumbs up and says

“this is a surprise for me, the Queen’s own palace. I will show it to my niece.”

Private Hammond aims to raise £500,000 through his Just Giving page.

Like hundreds of thousands of Africans, he fought for Britain in the Second World War.


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