Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Son Just Started Talking

Archie Harrison, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son is making milestones. An inside report says that the royal son recently started talking.

According to US Weekly, “Dada”, “Mama”, “dog” and “book” have made his list of top vocabulary.

It seems like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son has all the qualities of potentially everyone’s dream child. News reports about him will have you saying “adobs” all the time.

From a much younger age, it was evident that the baby will some day become a man of the people. He is keen and interested on the environment and people around him. He is also able to get involved with them.

“You can tell Archie’s going to be a social butterfly. He rarely cries and is at his happiest when he is around people.” Their insider stated.

Further, just like most kids, Archie is his father’s greatest fan. Little Archie is reported to always warm up to the presence of his father. He stretches his hands out so Prince Harry can pick him up.

“It’s his way of telling his dad to pick him up,” the source revealed.

He is not a “needy” child. He enjoys the game of hide and seek and playing with building blocks, the report adds.

In an article written by Celebrity Insider, the Family is struggling with publicity since they moved to Beverly Hills, California. It also points out they reside in one of Tyler Perry’s mansions and paparazzi just won’t let them be.

Drones were seen all over near their mansion. A move that forced them into hiring security personnel from the well established producer. However, not much of the situation has changed.

On May 6, slightly over a month ago, Archie turned one. In the spirit of celebration, his parents released a video of him.



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