You Build Us A Prison Instead Of Factories? – Netizens Angrily Slam Pentecost Church

Since yesterday, the Church of Pentecost’s construction of a prison camp at Ejura has been the talk of Ghana, especially on social media.
And based on social media conversations, it appears that a large number of Ghanaians, especially those with critical thinking skills, are enraged.

According to the voices of these critical Ghanaians on social media, they don’t understand why the Church of Pentecost will stoop too low and create a jail instead of warehouses, hospitals, and citadels.

Remember that our health-care facilities are in disrepair, with mothers unable to find beds to sleep in, not to mention Ghana’s mighty Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

As a result, these brutally frank and critical thought netizens believe the Pentecostal church’s decision is a step in the wrong direction.



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