Berla Mundi Says NDC AND NPP Keep Stealing Our Monies Because They Know There’s No Third Option

Television Personality Berla Mundi has opined that it is about time Ghanaians stood against the monopoly at play in our economy and political system.

According to Berla Mundi, NPP and NDC have turned the governance of Ghana into a business and they keep looting monies from the country.

She added that these parties feel almighty because they know the country will always vote for them and not a third party.

Her fearless comment came as a response to a tweet which was suggesting a military coup to save the country from its economic hardship and poor governance.

In Ghana, two major parties run the country although there are other active political parties.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have been playing tag team with the governing of Ghana for over 20years.

These two take turns in ruling the country and other political parties stand no chance against them when it comes to voting.

Berla Mudi believes it is time Ghanaians voted for a third party to rule the country to test if the current state of the economy will change for the better.


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