New Survey Shows Kwabena Duffour Will Beat Out John Mahama As NDC 2024 Flagbearer

A Clubhouse survey showed that 57% of the contributors believe Dr Kwabena Duffuor is favourable to lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) compared to 41% who feel that way about John Mahama.

This was after the public lectuer delivered by Dr Duffuor on job creation in Accra on Monday November 29.

kwabena duffour ndc candidate

Joojo Dadson from the Ghana Democracy Forum in a remark on Clubhouse release said: “Duffuor represents the only viable alternative to the NPP in any shape or form. I think people’s gut instinct after hearing that speech will be: Dr. Duffuor is the right man to lead Ghana.

“The man is simply a breath of fresh air after the ding dongs we’ve had in this fourth republic – Smart, competent, serious with a dash of a sense of humor when appropriate,” Joojo Dadson added.

Another contributor, Awudu Alhassan from Youth Alliance Ghana said that Dr. Duffuor had scored an “injury time winner”, and he predicted that NDC could now go on to win the next election if Duffuor is on the ticket.

“This was a real NDC speech from a real NDC leader. He showed there is a huge gulf between NDC and the NPP,” Awudu Alhassan added.

And finally, Mawuli Adadevor of the Volta Forum said:

“It was absolutely brilliant lecture. He delivered it humbly but with a passion we don’t often see in modern politicians,” he said. “On the specifics he was talking about things that people really want. That’s my kind of a leader”, Awudu Alhassan concluded.

Dr Kwabena Duffuor had officially declared his intention to be President of Ghana.


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