Moment Tyrone Marghuy Corrected His Teacher In School Surfaces On The Internet

Tyrone Marghuy, one of the rejected Rastafarian students at Achimota school has attracted massive attention and admiration from Ghanaians after being rejected by the prestigious school.

Tyrone is noted to be a very brilliant student in spite of being a Rastafarian.

3 former Teachers Of Tyrone Marghuy have spoken about his character, conduct and academic brilliance.

His ICT teacher, Daniel Nyarko spoke to Citi News about his intelligence and even gave an intriguing account of how he once corrected him after he made a mistake in one of his lessons.

‘There was a time I was teaching ICT and I had to combine both classes, and then I made an error in the lesson. But then, he came to me personally to prompt me, so I don’t feel bad for making a mistake. I was like ‘Wow! What a brilliant child he was!’ His former ICT teacher said.


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