Africans Are Racist Than Any Other Race – Twene Jonas Condemns Achimota School (Video)

Twene Jonas is spitting his venom on Achimota School and GES over refusing to admit two boys because of their dreadlocks.

The social media commentator sharing his 2-cents on the matter which has sparked a national debate is saying that the development only confirms his opinion that Africans are more racist than any race because the school admits Caucasian students with long hair.

“If you want to know which people are racists, it is Africans, I say this every time but leaders like Nana Addo will deliver speeches against racism, the racism is in Ghana there but you can’t give a speech about it,” he said.

Twene Jonas who is now based in the U.S and known for persistently criticizing how things are done in Ghana stated that “everything that is happening in Ghana, I have experienced it before”

Narrating his racism experience, he recounted that “me I am a victim, there was a boy who sits by me when I was in school, his name is Zayid. He is from Pakistan, he kept his hair until we completed but in the same classroom, when my hair grows a little bit they sack me from the class to go and barber”.

“When teachers come to class to teach, they like passing their hands through the boy’s hair but we the Ghanaians when our hair grows small they sack us from the class,” Twene Jonas continued.

He emphasized that

” I have lived with white and black people and I can tell you the race that hates its own people are the blacks but they will always end up accusing whites for being bad.”

Expressing his disappointment over the matter, Twene Jonas in his usual style used unprintable words to describe GES authorities whilst seizing the moment to show how life is lived in America in a very comfortable way.


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