Mike Sonko’s Controversial Mother’s Day Message

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko opted to settle political scores with a controversial mother’s day message after he was accused of visiting the wrong grave claiming to be his mother’s.

Sonko who is in the race to succeed Mombasa governor Hassan Joho found himself at the center of controversy after a family in Mombasa accused him of using their late mother’s grave for political mileage.

A member of the aggrieved family was captured in a viral video telling Sonko amid sobs to look for his mother´s grave elsewhere as the politician had visited the wrong grave.

“Itś so sad and painful for Sonko to come here and claim that this is his mothers grave. Let Sonko look for his mothers grave. This one is not it,” the man said.

Mike Sonko

In his response which he timed to coincide with mothers’ day, Sonko dismissed the man as a fraud, vowing to make his dossier public in the coming days.

“Happy mother’s day to your mother rafiki ya Sultan. Ingawa mama yako yuko hai Lamu ulimuua na kuclaim kaburi si yake ndio upate laki moja na elfu hamsini za sultan,” Sonko began.

Mike Sonko

Sonko added that he would bring liberation so that people do not accept money to lie about their parents’ deaths.

“Tunaleta ukombozi ndio watu wasitumike tena , wasiue mama zao kwa ajili ya pesa duni. Mungu amjaaliye mama yako Lamu umri mrefu. Mungu akusamehe kwa kumuua mama yako akiwa hai, kwa kuwa hujui upweke, huzuni na uchungu mayatima wanapitia.” He added.

“Your dossier is loading. Fraudster na mganga. Happy mothers to all mothers out there in Mombasa and Kenya at large,”

concluded the politician who will be flying the Wiper party flag in Mombasa County gubernatorial race.

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