Mlolongo: 2 Cops Rob Foreigner Of Ksh.100K In Fracas Which Ends In Road Accident

Two police officers were arrested after robbing an Egyptian national of money and valuables in a chaotic scuffle which led to a road accident in Mlolongo, Machakos County.

In the Thursday, May 5 incident, the two Police constables, Kennedy Riendo and Joseph Kakuli, who are both based at the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) headquarters arrested Naoman Mosad on allegations that Egyptians were unwanted in the country.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said that Riendo and Kakuli demanded Ksh.200,000 to set Mosad free.


“The foreigner responded that he only had Sh29,000 in his Mpesa account, and the officers escorted him to an Mpesa outlet at the Imaara Mall, to withdraw the cash,” DCI said in a report issued Saturday.

The foreigner is said to have contacted the director of a local warehouse company, Susan Makena, who came to his aid and stopped him from making the withdrawal, instead insisting that they report the matter at Mlolongo police station.

The officers played along, albeit reluctantly, after which along the way, Riendo remarked that the two were wasting their precious time and threatened to take unspecified action, including killing them.

“His accomplice at the back reached for his handcuffs and cuffed the foreigner’s hands before ransacking his pockets and making away with Sh100,500.

“Meanwhile at the front, Riendo snatched the driver’s phone and threw it at the back seat before dangerously engaging the vehicle’s handbrake, while it was still in motion,” detectives said.

Ms. Makena lost control of the vehicle and caused a road accident with an oncoming pickup truck that landed in a ditch.

The two officers hurriedly disembarked from the vehicle and fled the scene.

As detectives and police officers responded to the incident to rescue the victims who, luckily, were not injured, the two cops returned to the scene, this time without uniform and firearms.

“Earlier as they fled the scene, they forgot to uncuff their prisoner and for fear of being busted, they crept back to collect them, only to find the scene heavily secured,” DCI added.

“The two alluded to being in the vehicle earlier, and alleged that they were on the verge of death moments ago since the driver had caused an accident with the intention of killing them.”

Detectives on the scene did not however buy into the claims and apprehended the two who are now in custody facing robbery with violence charges.

Seven boxes of kitchenware stolen from Mosad, valued at more than Ksh.170,000, were recovered from a vehicle in Mlolongo.

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