So, Two Married Men Fight To Death Over A Side Chick They Were Both Seeing In Gilgil

Two married men fought each other to death in Oljorai in Gilgil over a woman they were both seeing secretly.

A witness said neither man knew about the other until Wednesday morning when one found the other having breakfast in the woman’s house.

Kirchir said that at one point the two who were bleeding profusely due to the injuries collapsed on each other before members of the public came to their rescue.

“The two went for each other using pangas inflicting deep wounds as members of the public screamed for help,” Alex Kirchir, a witness, said.

One of the men who had a deep cut on his neck and died on the spot while the other was confirmed dead on arrival at a nearby health centre.

Relatives and friends of the two cattle traders aged over 40 years are yet to come to terms with the incident.


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