Man Claiming To Have “World’s Largest Penis” Is Tired Of Being Asked To Show It

He’s sick of giving people a plus-size peep show. A New York man who claims to possess the world’s largest penis — and who alleges he’s slept with multiple A-list celebrities — says he’s sick of showing people his jumbo Johnson.

man with worlds largest penis

Jonah Falcon, the phallically gifted fellow, dropped the bombshell while discussing how his life-changing appendage affected his life on ITV’s “This Morning,” the Sun reported.

“For some reason, having 13-plus inches means I’m a bad person, or I’m egotistic, or I’m a porn star, or I’m dumb, or I’m a slut,” the 51-year-old said of flaunting his massive phallus, which measures a world record 13.5 inches when erect — the size of an Academy Award trophy.

In fact, the Brooklyn-born actor said

“I’m sick and tired of having people wanting me to measure it in front of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times — enough already!”

Nonetheless, Falcon humored presenters by showing them a photo of his titanic tallywacker so they wouldn’t “have to do all that imagining.”

Schofield responded by exclaiming, “Hellfire. Congratulations.”

Falcon has been enjoying fame and sex-cess since he was named the owner of the world’s largest penis in a 1999 documentary, the Huffington Post reported. Unfortunately, the record isn’t official as Guinness doesn’t verify such phallic feats.

A native of Hollywood, California, the openly bisexual man previously told the Sun that he’s bedded porn stars, actors and even Oscar winners — although he’s never specified who.

“It wasn’t Meryl Streep — I’ll just leave it at that,” quipped Falcon.

“It’s a real compliment when porn actors and actresses say I’m bigger than all of the partners they’ve had,” boasted the proud fella, who says his dong is “thicker than my wrist.”

He added, “They view me as the biggest and you have to remember they’ve seen a lot — so they know.”


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