Lydia Forson Reply Critics “If My Breast Mattered, I’d Let You Hang On My Nipple When It Floods”

Lydia Forson is willing to offer her nipples for people to hang on if her breasts matters in solving the Accra Floods.

The Ghanaian actress’ comment comes as a reply to her critics who have been trying to drag and shame her for persistently lambasting the Ghanaian government for doing less to end the perennial floods in Accra.

“I’m sorry I thought it was our elected officials duty to provide proper drainage systems, waste disposal etc and punish offenders who didn’t use these provided avenues. I am sorry I didn’t know my attitude could conjure bins. Forgive me,” Lydia Forson said in reply to Nana Addo’s complaint.

The President of Ghana complained that the perennial flood in Accra is mostly caused by the attitude of Ghanaians who dump their trash into gutters during rains. Nana Addo said until Ghanaians change their attitude, he is not committed to fix the perennial floods.

However, her comments have attracted backlash from some NPP fanatics who have been attacking her on social media.



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