Ghanaian Inventor Invents First Ever Ghanaian Made Sweeping Bicycle

Young Ghanaian Engineer and Inventor, Frank Darko has one again warmed the hearts of Ghanaians with his latest invention which is a sweeping bIcycle.

The young Engineer went viral when he initially invented a water bicycle; a bicycle that has the ability to float and move on water whiles riding it.

In his latest invention, the Takoradi-based Engineer has invented a tricycle that he calls the “Sweeping Bicycle” which, just as its name suggests, sweeps as you ride it.

During an interview session with, on what motivated him to come up with his latest invention, he said


“Sometimes when I get to certain places within Accra a big example is the big canal which leads the Odorna River into the sea. Anytime I get to a place like that my eyes get filled with tears because of what I envisage to happen in the future.

“In my vision I see the Canal being used as a walk path because it is finally choked up with sand and plastic waste. Vehicles could even pass over it. The sad part is how people will lose their homes and lives during a heavy downpour.

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