DP Gachagua To Reward Lady Who Coined ‘Riggy G’ Nickname, Asks Sons To Look For Her

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has invited the lady who created his now-prominent moniker ‘Riggy G’ to dinner, and has already sent his sons to track her down.

In an exclusive interview with Citizen TV on Sunday night, the second-in-command intimated that he intends to encourage young people to practice their craft, more reason to why he embraced the nickname.

Gachagua said that he is willing to reward the young lady with any kind of support even if it would need extracting some cash from his monthly salary.

“The young lady who decided that the name Rigathi Gachagua is a little bit difficult and not melodious, and thought to give me the name Riggy G, I said it’s a good name. To encourage our young people, I took up the name with good stride. I have told my sons to look for that girl to come we have dinner,” said Gachagua.

“I want to encourage that young girl and I will see what I can do for her. I can see from my salary to boost her so that she will be able to do something.”

Rigathi Gachagua And Ivy Chelimo

As an incentive to allow the youth earn income from their skills, DP Gachagua said that the government will be focusing on young people to maximize on their talents and capabilities.

“Our young people are phenomenal, they are so talented, creative and nobody has ever given them a chance. The William Ruto-led administration is saying that this is the day that we can allow our talented young people to convert that telent into a source of income,” he said.

“We want people who have a talent to convert that talent to become a livelihood.”

Ivy Chelimo, a law graduate from Catholic University of East African (CUEA), hit the headlines after it was established that she was the brains behind the name ‘Riggy G’.

The name first popped up on Twitter, during the deputy presidential debate in July.

Chelimo in a past interview said that she came up with the DP’s nickname by chance as she followed the proceedings of the televised debate but she never once thought that the name would generate all that buzz on social media after hitting the send key for her tweet.

“You know how you can’t actually mention a politician just because sometimes you don’t want that traction on your page. That was me then but I was like let me just mention him because he was winning the debate anyway,” she said.

Chelimo has since tweeted her gratitude on the invite from Kenya’s second most powerful man.

“I have shed tears but never like tonight. Waaah God really saw and heard me. Who is God?! Y’all I’ve cried today,” she wrote.

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