Mike Ocquaye Move To Ghanaians “Change Your Attitudes If You Don’t Want Gov’t To Go To IMF –

Former Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye, has said that the country will continue to resort to International Monetary Fund (IMF) for support if citizens do not change their attitudes.

Speaking at the inaugural memorial lecture of Okyenhene Ba Dr. Jones Akwasi Amoako Atta Ofori-Atta at the University of Ghana, the former Speaker of Parliament lamented the rate of indiscipline in the country.

Mahama and Speaker

From a litany of issues raised such as absenteeism at work and stealing of state property, he said the rate of indiscipline was militating against the country.

“Indiscipline abounds everywhere in this nation. We may well dedicate this lecture to absenteeism, lack of punctuality, African time syndrome, and insipid corruption at all levels and in all institutions and organizations including the church of Christ. It is tragic to recount that while we are crying over our marred development, some of our countrymen steal bitumen meant to repair the roads.

“They do that overnight. Others steal the metals that make the railway tracks on the new lines being constructed which belong to the whole of Ghana. Others steal the oil from the generators only to have the whole generator blown up. They say the oil is used in some hairdressing saloons,” he said.

While highlighting the country’s dependence on foreign imports, Professor Mike Ocquaye said that the country has a problem if it suffers from a global crisis once it occurs.

He noted that it points out the structural deficiencies of the country if all global issues affect its heavy reliance on imports.

On the country’s recent resort to the IMF, Professor Mike Ocqaye said it was not a strange phenomenon for the country to tow that path.

He stressed that the country will continue to seek support from the Fund if the citizenry does not change its attitude toward helping the government.

He further emphasized the need for the country to be self-reliant adding that the government’s school feeding programme was bound to fail because it depended on imported products.

“We have a penchant to support wrongdoers. Ghana has been to the IMF in one form or the other, for 16 times already. Therefore, it is not strange that we are going to go again. But of course, we will continue to go if we don’t change our attitude in support of those who are ruling the country.

“But one thing we can do, let us as a people come together with one accord…never again. India with over 1.2 billion people has internally generated guaranteed food security for over one year if production totally stops.

“The soil is our salvation, corn should be abundant and the chicken will come. In fact, the school feeding program will never succeed if we continue to feed our children on imported tomato paste and imported rice,” Professor Mike Ocquaye said


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