This Man Was Tricked Into Buying GHC 70 Baby Lotion He Thought Was Hand Sanitizer

A stranded trader from Yeji was left fuming after realizing that he was tricked into buying baby lotion for GHS70 at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region instead of a hand sanitizer.

He came to the realization after interacting with the Citi News team covering the disinfection exercise at the Adabraka Market on Monday, March 23, 2020.

After Citi News team gave him some drops of sanitizers to protect him from contacting COVID-19, the trader was furious over how he had been misled.

“This feels different from what I have. No matter the cost, I would not have bought the sanitizer. I do not know what a sanitizer is and the seller should have explained to me that the product was not a hand sanitizer.

I bought it because I wanted to protect myself. I will now have to stop using it because there is no point. I would not have realized it if you did not inform me,” he complained.

Sanitizers are on high demand around the world, given that it reduces the risk of contracting certain infections including COVID-19.

hand sanitizer coronavirus

(H/T Citi FM)


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