This Guy Gave Out Hand Sanitizers, Masks To Street Kids In Accra

There is still hope in humanity!

The world is in shambles and we are all trying to figure out how to battle the unfortunate coronavirus disease.

In Ghana, as of March 21, 2020, there have been 21 confirmed coronavirus cases that have prompted the government to implement partial shut down of human traffic through the airport, borders, and sea.

Though we are all trying our best to get through this, the least privilege in society is usually neglected with virtually no help coming their way.

Well, meet Nana Qwajo Shaddy, a University of Ghana student who is doing the Lord’s work the way He intended it to be done.

Qwajo went to the streets of Okponglo, Accra and handed out hand gloves, sanitizers, and nose masks to the street children.

God bless Nana!

We need more people with such compassion in our society.


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