Atwoli’s Wife Kilobi Warns Politicians To Leave Her Name Out Of Their Mouths

Media personality Mary Kilobi has warned politicians to stop using her name on campaigns.

Kilobi, who is Atwoli’s wife says his opponents have made it a habit of mentioning her name in rallies instead of selling their manifestos.

Kilobi added that those safe politicians who shout her name in the rallies have been frequent visitors at her home in Kajiado.

Mary Kilobi And Atwoli

She asked them to do better by telling Kenyans what plans they have for them as she is not a politician nor does she plan to contest.

“It’s hilarious that some politicians, the likes of Rashid Echesa and Didmus Barasa have continuously made this KILOBI name inseparable with their manifesto in their rallies.

I know it sounds really nice but Kenyans are eager to hear the “great plans” you purport to have for them,” she wrote on her Instagram”.

Kilobi added that the more they mention her name, the more they are making her famous.

“Kumbe hamna sera? Uza sera wadau wachana na Kilobi she’s not a politician neither do I have plans of contesting.Ironically most guys who shout the loudest about Kilobi the “25-year-old” have been frequent visitors in Kajiado”.

Anyway wacha Mungu atete na wanaoteta nami! Profiter de ma vie (Have a nice life)!”

Source: Mpasho

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