“What Advice Can Atwoli Give The President, He Is Barely Literate”Ahmed Nasir

Ahmed Nasir has questioned Atwoli over the advice he can give the president.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has questioned the alleged role of COTU boss Francis Atwoli in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s team of advisors.

The lawyer nicknamed the Grand Mullah, claimed Atwoli had nothing to offer besides cracking stale jokes.

Ahmed Nasir said:

Speaking to Citizen TV on Wednesday, May 21, Ahmednasir said he had no problem with Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe, a fierce William Ruto critic, but claimed Atwoli was “incompetent”.

I have no problem with David Murathe advising the president, he is my friend and he has solid intellect. But surely, what advice can Atwoli give the president? He is barely literate. What advice can he give to a president? My foot! Maybe crack jokes or throw telephones.

Atwoli says the president is too young to retire.

Atwoli has in the recent past reiterated his call for Uhuru to stay on after his term lapses in 2022.

The veteran trade unionist insisted the president was “too young to retire” vowing to push for a referendum to amend the Constitution to expand the executive and accommodate Uhuru.

Atwoli said:

People said I was not a normal person when I asked the president not to resign after 2022 as he is young. And if the people of Central want him, he can be in a government which can accommodate him.

The former Uhuru’s lawyer also condemned ODM leader Raila Odinga’s dalliance with the Head of State saying he was known for wrecking parties.

He also added:

I think it is hypocritical to say that Baba is coming to save Jubilee. Baba’s history is very clear; he never comes to save a party. It is always for selfish temporary personal interests.

There were mixed reactions to Ahmednasir’s remarks:

Political analyst Edward Kisiang’ani opined. 

My brother, Ahmednasir, tonight on JKL you were sharp and accurate in your analysis of the unfolding political situation in Kenya. You handled tricky questions with great aplomb! Your responses were simply sublime!

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