Marriage Counselor Warns Men “Any Woman Who Uses Sex Toy Can Cheat On You”

Marriage counsellor Rev. Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has warned men to be careful about women who use sex toys because they are likely to cheat in their relationships and marriages.

The woman of God was speaking in an interview regarding sex toys and their impact on marriage and relationships when she sounded the controversial caution.

Charlotte Oduro

She condemned the latest trend in which some women, after having sex intercourse with their partners, would have to continue with sex toys in order to reach climax.

“You are teaching her to cheat because you are making her aware that if she can use a toy to cheat, then a human being goes. What we learn will hurt us in future. Why don’t you communicate with your lover? What toy can outperform a man’s penis? We have allowed western influences to cloud our judgement. This isn’t how we are trained. We shouldn’t follow trends just because it’s the 21st century,” Rev. Mrs. Oduro said in response to a question asked by the interviewer.

She acknowledged the fact that there are some women who are genuinely suffering emotionally in their marriages because they have never experienced orgasm or even heard of it, but added that they must use communication with their partners to address such situations rather than introducing foreign materials that can cause more problems.


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