Arsenal Fans Cheat A Lot In Relationships, Study Reveals

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Arsenal fans are most-likely to cheat on their partners, with Manchester United and Chelsea supporters no angels either, according to a survey.

A study has revealed which teams have the most – and least – faithful fans when it comes to their relationships.

And Gooners came out looking like the real Red Devils with a whopping 22 per cent of the survey claiming an Arsenal fan had cheated on them, according to

Chelsea (19 per cent) and Man Utd (18 per cent) complete the top-three in terms of unfaithful partners.

Arsenal fans cheaters

West Ham (11 per cent) and Leicester (ten per cent) are the only other club to see results of ten per cent or more.

Amongst the study was Imogen, 27, from Hertfordshire – who claimed she was not shocked by the results.

Imogen claimed:

“I’m not surprised Arsenal are top cheaters.

“I was with my boyfriend for a few years and unbeknown to me he was also in a four-month relationship with my best friend.

“They both kept it from me until one of our mutual friends asked me how my break up was going.

“I said we were still together and she said that my boyfriend and best friend had been going on dates, sleeping with each other…

“They had told her that it had been going strong for a few months.

“When I confronted him he said ‘Yeah I was going tell you, you just ain’t doing it for me anymore.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans have been voted as the most faithful ahead of south-coast duo Brighton and Southampton.

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