5 Things A Kikuyu Man May Not Do For You For Valentine’s

These are the things you should not expect a kikuyu man to do for valentine’s.

We’ve heard that Luo men are romantic, Kamba men might be good in bed and Kikuyu men are something else. Marry a Kikuyu man when you want to ensure that your finances are well in check, when you want to invest heavily in property and pretend not to have money at the same time. But Kikuyu men are notorious for being unromantic we are not saying all but can we say most? Here are the things a Kikuyu man may not do for you for valentine’s.

1. Probably won’t even remember it’s valentine’s

Your Kikuyu bae might not even remember that it’s valentine’s or may just pretend that it doesn’t exist. To him this is just any other ordinary day when he needs to invest most of his time trying to make money instead. If you’re lucky he will mention how his friend is hosting some of his boys and will invite you to it.

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2. He can’t surprise you but he might ask you want you want 

He doesn’t believe in spontaneity so he would rather ask you what you want but not a surprise. He doesn’t believe in surprises because he might waste money on something you might not even like instead if trying to investigate and find out what you don’t like.

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3. Will definitely not take you out unless it’s to a bar

Valentine’s is on a Friday so if you’re lucky he’ll probably take you out to a club because he wants to drink as well, his friends will be there but that can be romantic right?

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4. He won’t be extra affectionate because it’s valentine’s

There’s nothing special about this day to him. He will probably make fun of people who are doing anything for valentine’s and remind you that these are pointless actions and that romantic men are weak.

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5. You’ll have to remind him several times and probably beg him to buy you chocolate 

You’ll need to tell him and nag him to do something on this day because you don’t want to be the girl that’s in a relationship and you’re not getting anything even if your single friend has three dates with different guys lined up.

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Though your experience might be totally different and you might have a Kariuki that sweeps you off your feet. Tell us in the comment section.

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