5 Reasons Why Luos Make The Best Boyfriends

Valentine’s day is approaching FAST, and you need to bag yourself a Luo man before then. 

If you want to have a special Valentine, there’s no better Kenyan tribe to turn to than a Luo. Here are a few reasons why;

1. They are romantic

They will put thought into your date, the gift they’ll get you. Considering how lavish they are, they’ll make sure to even picking you up is special, they’ll come for you in a German car if they can, or at the very least, get you an Uber.

image: Pinterest

2. Luo men are generous. 

They won’t be afraid to blow money on you, forget KFC, they’ll want to take you to a five-star restaurant. You’ll basically live like a princess.

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3. They are tall and dark. 

Who doesn’t like a man who is tall and dark, they really are the full package. And if they are tall, something else must be too.

luo men
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4. Hardworking 

Since they love spending on their women, they will labor day and night to get the money. Needless to mention that their high standards of living can’t allow them to idle around.

luo men
image: Shutterstock

5. They appreciate you. 

A Luo man is really proud of his bae and will show her off. He will literally flaunt you to his friends and family. they go the extra mile in relationships.

A Luo man will make you feel you are the only one in the relationship even if you are many. When you meet him he is already using sweet words like babe, honey, etc.


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