“Ever Since Afike 1M Followers Before Me, Wahu Amekuwa Sumbua”, Nameless

Wahu reached 1M followers on Instagram and her husband won’t be left in peace because of it. 

I wouldn’t blame her though, I wouldn’t let my husband rest either. In a light-hearted Instagram post, Nameless ranted how things have been tough for him in his house after Wahu hit the 1 million followers mark on social media before he did. He wrote;

Musidanganywe na hii picha…ever since afike 1million followers before me @wahukagwi amekuwa sumbua sana kwa nyumba🤦🏽‍♂️.. kichwa kimefura, hakukaliki kwa boma. Hamwezi ni Wacha ni sumbuke hivo tu… seriously guys🤷🏾‍♂️…ebu nifikisheni mita bana🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️…this Reminds me of when she won a MAMA award before me..woiii.. niliteseka for one whole year kwa nyumba, lakini muli come through nikamnyorosha na two awards the following year. Alirudi laini…😎😎😎 Mungu halali…aaanyway , Wacha nisitete Sana hapa😒… that’s not the point of this pic..the point is, for those asking about this foto-shoot, my jacket is from @fintanfashion and
Photography by @royalreelphotography_. More pics on my IG stories…. otherwise men’s conference lini,🤔? #Askingforafriend😒🙄


Clearly there is a bit of competition between the couple, with Wahu winning so far.

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