Vera Sidika’s Boyfriend Responds to Breakup Rumours

Have Vera Sidika and her boyfriend actually broken up?

Socialite Vera Sidika’s Tanzanian boyfriend Dr Jimmy Chansa has responded to claims that the two are no longer together.

Chansa responded when one of his followers said she had heard that the Kenyan beauty had dumped him.

The fan who goes by the name Joan Dengenye-(a close relative of Diamond Platnumz) who is popularly known for his hot scoop when it comes to celebrity gossip-went ahead to say that it was time he finds a woman in Tanzania, noting that there are many of them who are beautiful. Joan said;

Nasikia umeachwa Kama kweli Rudi nyumbani warembo kibao alafu we HB msomi ????????????????????????????????,”

vera sidika
image: Hivisasa

Dr Jimmy sarcastically responded saying, “@nephisejoandengenye namimi naskia pia????

vera sidika
image: instagram

A few weeks after introducing Jimmy to the public, the socialite told critics waiting for break-up drama with her Tanzanian boyfriend that it was not going to happen. So far so good, this seems to be the case.

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