Thugs Caught Red Handed Drilling Into A Nairobi Bank By DCI Officers

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A gang of five miscreants suspected to have conspired to break into Prime Bank OTC branch, was arrested early Friday morning, June 2.

The suspects were booked at Kamukunji police station where they’re currently being held, awaiting arraignment in court.

Charles Mulo, Fredrick Muderwa, Jesse Muriuki, Gabriel Mungai and Reuben Njuka were arrested by a team of officers from DCI and Kamukunji police Station in the wee hours of the morning, as they were about to break into the bank located at Angle House along Ukwala lane, in downtown Nairobi.

According to a police report, the criminals had booked themselves into guest rooms at the said building, which shares the same wall with the bank.

They had planned to drill their way into the bank in the dead of the night. However detectives got wind of the plan and intercepted them.

Officers stormed into the building forcing the thugs to scamper, taking cover in the ceiling.

Detectives however brought the ceiling down, exposing the five who clung on the roof trusses for dear life.

Having been cornered, the suspects were left with no other option, other than to surrender.

The officers managed to recover three hacksaws, one knotted twisted rope, one metal driller, five metal bars, one metal cutter scissors and one suitcase.

Source: Pulse

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