A Suspect In Nairobi Court Tried To Flirt With The Judge And It Didn’t Go Too Well For Him

Man’s attempt to seduce a female magistrate with a hard smiling face thwarted instantly.

A Nairobi magistrate on Wednesday successfully managed to ward off seduction advances by a suspect in court.

This was the second attempt on the magistrate from a different suspect after she told off another suspect last year.

“You are pretty, clean and black beauty,” the man facing theft charges told the magistrate.

She told him to relax and thanked him for the “observation”.

But on Wednesday, the second man didn’t get such a warm response and was instead left embarrassed in court. He suggestively smiled at her and said:

“ Madam, I am sorry I failed to come before you in the previous session because of personal emergencies,”

In a serious rejoinder, the magistrate ordered the police to take him away.

“Where is the police, please take this man to the cells so that he stays with his personal emergencies there,” said amid laugher in court.


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