Nigerian Billionaire Surprises His 3 Daughters Each With A Ferrari Worth Ksh 23 Million

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Nigerian billionaire businessman Femi Otedola knows no amount of money in the world can come between him and his three wonderful daughters.

The amazing dad recently dug deep into his pockets to put a smile on the faces of his three princesses.

Out of a whim, Femi asked his daughters Cuppy, Tolani and Temi to accompany him for shopping.

The three ladies abided and were surprised when they were taken to a car dealership filled with the latest and trendiest Ferarri rides.

Each of the Nigerian darlings drove out of the dealership with a brand new Ferrari Portofino designed to their liking.

The clever dad knew his girls had different personalities so he paid attention to what colour each would get.

The three Otedola angels posted photos of their brand new whips on Instagram and their followers were completely tonguetied.

“Papa took us shopping and bought one for each. Ferrari Portofino,” Cuppy shared.

A 2020 model of the fast car reportedly costs about KSh 23 million, therefore, Femi spent close to 70 million on the cars.


Source: Tuko

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