Diamond Takes His Kindness A Notch Higher And Gifts Tanzanian Youth With New Cars

Diamond has taken his kindness a notch higher and has decided to gift Tanzanian youth with new cars.

Wasafi King, Diamond Platnumz has decided to take his acts of philanthropy a notch higher by gifting Tanzanian youths a car monthly and paying their bills daily.

In light of the current pandemic, the music kingpin is keeping himself busy by supporting notable individuals aged 24-30, in fulfilling their dreams and supporting their families.

His compass has landed him on the youth.

Days after dishing out cash to women especially the widowed and visiting a couple of individuals who had been badly hit by the hard economic times, his compass has now landed him on the youth.

He announced that through Wasafi FM, youths will be able to achieve their dreams, some walking away with a new Toyota Alteza monthly, others having their pending bills catered for daily.

Having been a youth and probably still in that age bracket, he believed the one item most youths look forward to possessing first, is a car.

Many youths in the hood have different dreams. Dreams whose main goal is to be successful and help their families from their poverty bracket. Despite having land being one of the biggest dreams, for most youths, the first goal is to own a car]

Then through it, business transactions are made easier and prove more efficient to deal with and that is exactly what he was going to give them, but only if you earn it.

Through a car, one can make a living though services such as Uber and can also be used to conduct other businesses easily

All one needed was tune in to the Wasafi media package ‘The Switch’ exclusively for the youth on 88.9 FM and stand a chance to be a winner of his lucrative offers.

Wasafi media through number one youth show The Switch is empowering youths by giving out a Toyota Alteza monthly.


Additionally through Wasafi FM 4 families will have they water bills paid daily and 4 lucky youths will have a makeover daily as well. Listen to Wasafi FM daily for your daily chance to win.

His works of charity lately have touched the hearts of many, with fans praying that he lives long enough to support many more generations.

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