Femi One is not expectant as most of us had thought.

It turns out it was part of the acting for her new single “Kipetero Kiyesu” featuring Nviiri.

Last week, she had come out to expose her rumored baby daddy for denying being the father to her ‘unborn’ twins as reported by Ghafla.

And the Internet had clogged with videos of the babe gorgeously rocking her baby bump, leaving fans excited. Speculating that her Utawezana co-artist, Mejja was the one responsible.

However, she has now set the record straight through a post on social media saying:

“Just to clear the air I AM NOT PREGNANT!!! I was acting for my new song Kipetero Kiyesu. 😅😅, rate my acting skills watch video.” she said.

😅😅, rate my acting skills watch video https://youtu.be/Nq8bJBUSMZs

Geplaatst door Femi One op Maandag 12 oktober 2020

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