Femi One Says Their Song “Utawezana” Was Popular And Not Because Of Azziad

Femi One says their song “utawezana” was popular and not because of Azziad.

Popular singer Femi One has said her hit song Utawezana was already the talk of the town before dancing queen Azziad Nasenya swooped in with her captivating dance moves.

The musician denied claims the dancer deserved to be paid for putting the banger on the map and making it go international days after its release.

Azziad received her coins.

A fan on Instagram inquired whether Azziad had already received her coins following her smart marketing strategy but Femi had a different perspective.

An Instagram user named Raphmckers wrote:

I hope Azziad received some sort of payment for her efforts.

Another follower of the curvaceous singer said she doubted whether the Utawezana queen was compensated despite being the reason behind Utawezana’s first million mark.

Femi begged to differ:

Femi begged to differ and told her two fans the song was already trending on Tik Tok. Therefore, Azziad was only part of a huge group that participated in the Utawezana challenge after coming across the hit on the app

Femi posted a screenshot of her song and showed off how it garnered five million views in one month. Some of her fans urged her to make a remix of the banger while others kept reminding her to pay up Azziad after her dance went viral.

Azziad became a hot sensation in April when her unique dancing skills captured the attention of both men and women on Twitter.

Her routine included whining her waist and flashing her beautiful smile and that drove people crazy.

Her phone number leaked afterward and strangers begun sending in stacks of cash as they professed their love for the dancer.

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