Two Things I Consider Before Acting In A Nude Scene, Brenda Wairimu

Brenda Wairimu tells all.

It takes a lot of guts, and confidence to show your ‘real self’ to the world. Hence the reason why Brenda has to tick off at least two things before she can act in a nude scene.

Brenda Wairumu
image: Facebook

She reveals them while speaking to the Celebrity Friday;

“Nimefikiria sana jambo hili na I have different ways of looking at it. Kwanza kabisa inategemea unanipa hela ngapi. Cha pili pia is it necessary for it to be there because saa zingine some writers can be lazy inaandikwa tu hapo making out for the sake of kujaza tu ile page lakini haisaidii kusukuma ile story. If it’s something that is pushing the story coz for me I’m all about the story if it’s a scene where I’m being raped and my clothes lazima ziraruliwe nitakataa vipi? So inategemea san kwangu sitafanya tu for the sake of doing it. Lazima kuwe na meaning behind it,”

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