Enyewe, we are going through tough financial times

Kameme Goro, despite her success in the radio business, has admitted to sleeping hungry because she needed a roof over her head.

In an interview on the Wicked Edition, she was asked by Dr King’ori, “We umewahi sota?

kamene goro
image: Kahawa Tungu

To that she answered;

All the time…..The struggle is real out here, kulala njaa sisi wote tumelala njaa. I myself as Kamene nimelala njaa. Kukukosa wala hata ndururu kwa mfuko it has happened. Kufikiria mahali rent itatoka labda niseme sijalala nje but thinking of where rent needs to come from is something that happens. We hudhani mi huhustle mbona? I’m hustling because I have rent I need to pay na sijui mahali itatoka. Rent na mshande kama haziingiani ukikaa chini unpaiga hesabu na hesabu haziingiani with what you have. It happens. Kamene amepitia mara mob. Even as early as two weeks ago, I was broke!”

It is Njaanuary after all. We’re all broke. 

This comes not too long after she was accused of having relations with her co-host, Andrew Kibe.

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