Xandy Kamel Advises Tracey Boakye “Avoid Friends And Be More Prayerful”

Actress Xandy Kamel has advised her friend Tracey Boakye to avoid friends in her marriage and be very prayerful if she wants her marriage to last and not end in tears.

Xandy Kamel speaking from her experience after being married to a public figure advised her friend Tracey Boakye to avoid friends and be very prayerful because these two things are going to help in a long way in keeping her marriage intact.

Xandy wedding

According to Xandy Kamel, asking Tracey Boakye to avoid friends doesn’t mean she should stop being friends with people but rather should be careful with the people she keeps as friends and what she discusses with them in their secret moments.

In other stories, Xandy Kamel is a very good friend of Tracey Boakye but unfortunately, she wasn’t at the wedding nor the after party and we all have been wondering why but seeing her advice her as a friend assures us that they’re still good as friends.


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