Empress Gifty Says Marriage Is About Friendship, Let The Man Enjoy His Freedom

Empress Gifty says she is now well versed in matters of the marital home. She lists her top three building blocks of healthy marriages; respect, trust and love.

Empress Gifty

It’s not far-fetched to say that Empress Gifty’s marital issues are no news to the average Ghanaian. But the gospel musician has risen above the bad times as she enjoys her marriage to Mr Hopseson Adorye.

Empress Gifty shared her secret to her happy marriage with Emelia Brobbey,

“It is now that I have understood marriage. Marriage used to be very personal to me. So I felt the pain whenever something little went wrong. Marriage is not to be taken personally. It is friendship. If I get home and I cannot make banku, Ayibge (as she fondly calls her husband) will make the banku, and I will grind the pepper, so we eat together. When I’m tired, I tell him to order shawarma and Fanta. By the time i get home, it’s ready. We eat, gist and go to bed. There’s no pressure.”

Empress Gifty suffered a terrible divorce when her ex-husband, who doubled as her manager, plastered their marital issues on social media.

“Everything about me now in my marriage is about friendship. Respect, trust and love; are these three things that work in marriage. If I respect my husband, he will love me. He will take it away from me if I disregard his freedom. And so I respect what has been given,” she concluded.


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