Would You Buy A Blood-Stained IV Drip Used By The Late Michael Jackson? It’s Being Auctioned

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A blood-stained IV drip used to administer drugs from Michael Jackson’s bedroom during his final days alive is going to be auctioned off by some of his family.

According to The Sun, the blood stained IV drip is among other materials from the estate of the star’s father, Joe Jackson, up for auction.

The idea to have the blood-stained IV drip put up on auction is from MJ’s cousin Marsha Stewart.

Las Vegas’ Memorabilia Expert team hopes to get at least $2500 for the fluid bag, which was used by Jackson and administered by Dr Conrad Murray in June 2009 during his daily drug intakes of Propofol.

According to The Sun, Marsha took the bag from the singer’s bedroom days after his death during a visit with dad Joe.

She said the drip had “white milk fluid” inside that “later dissolved.”

“I was able to go in and go to the bedroom. When I went in the bedroom there was a bed there with some juice, it looked like a sandwich… and I noticed this. This was over by the stand and what I did was took it and put it in my purse,” Marsha said.

“This actually belonged to Michael Jackson and it had some white like milk fluid inside of it, which later on dissolved, but this is actually Michael’s DNA on it – that’s what made me grab it, the blood,” she added.

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